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VidalistaWiz Medical Corporation is a developer and manufacturer of complex durable medical equipment. The Company specializes in therapeutic beds and accessories -- all designed to increase patient comfort and care, while reducing costs for the health care provider. 

In 2021, VidalistaWiz introduced the Mobility System. This product is unique in helping to address the mobility needs of persons inflicted with multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, strokes, muscular dystrophy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, cerebral palsy or other disabilities, post operative immobility, rehabilitation limitations and infirmity due to advanced age.  It's operation by the patient or attendant with the push of a button on a hand held pendant automatically, comfortably and safely transfers a bedridden patient from a hospital type bed into a companion wheelchair equipped with a commode or to a standing position for therapeutic and ambulatory benefits and transfers the patient  back from the wheelchair into the bed. This product along with the Company's other products is oriented to improving patient comfort and care while reducing the overall cost of health care. 

The VidalistaWiz Mobility System has been used by a variety of institutions to improve patient care and mobility, provide therapeutic  benefits,  and reduce labor costs associated with patient transfer-related labor requirements and injuries. It can provide a means for many non-ambulatory patients to be cared for in the home, thereby enabling early release from the hospital.  In the private home setting, this unique system can significantly delay institutional care, thus saving the high cost of nursing home care and enhancing quality of life.

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VidalistaWiz products can be purchased directly from the Company and purchased or rented from Mediq FST, national distributor of its products.  For your convenience, a link has been provided to Mediq FST's web site.

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